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Do you want to learn coding? Make something crazy? Meet others (virtually)? Earn insanely cool prizes? Sign up!

February 26-28, 2021

AngelHacks 2.0 will be over the course of 2 days. You'll first choose which workshop you want to join, learn all the skills required with your mentor, get "speed-sorted" into a team, and come out the other side with an amazing project and (hopefully) a killer prize!

Sticker Exchange!
Sticker Exchange!
Students build projects in groups
Students build projects in groups

A place for everyone.

Underrepresented students are systematically discouraged from pursuing tech. Schools in LA have little to no computer science education programs—and students aren't exposed to programming until late high school or college. We're hoping to encourage students of all backgrounds, ages, and location to learn and love programming. No matter who you are, you’re welcome here—and you’ll surprise yourself by what you can accomplish. 💛

Student's presented their ideas to the crowd
Student's presented their ideas to the crowd


  • Could I see last year's website? Yup! It's at Thanks for being there last time, and we hope to see you again! You can find the recap video on youtube, here.

  • How much does it cost? 💸 Nothing! Registration and attendance are 100% free, and we'll mail you swag afterwards! We'll even mail super cool prizes to the top teams!

  • Who can participate? 🔭 Any current student in any age! If you’re under/over that age, email us & we’ll see what we can do. And if you're interested in mentoring or helping out, hit us up too!

  • Hacking‽ Is that safe? 👨🏿‍💻 No, we’re not “hacking” servers. The word is being constructively redefined for coding—apps, games, websites. It’s safe, supervised, & entirely educational. Now go look somewhere else, RSA. Or... the FBI?

  • What can I make? 🤖 Anything! A website, app, game, hardware hack, you name it. Judges will rate projects on creativity, technical skill demonstrated, polish, utility, and, last but not least, impact on the community. We also have specific tracks based on the prizes (you can find them on our devpost)!

  • What if I’m new to coding? 👾 At AngelHacks, complete beginners are not only welcome, but expected! Learn as you go with our intro workshops & mentors. Come in, choose a workshop, learn the project, and then build upon it!

  • Do I need a team? 👨‍👧‍👧 Nope! You’ll have an opportunity to meet fellow hackers and make teams of up to 4—find some new friends, bring yours, or work alone.

  • How do I get started? 🧳 Hop onto our discord server for updates, workshop announcements, and links! Feel free to email us about any questions or concerns you have, or ask in the discord!

  • Who runs this? Is it supervised? 👨‍🏫 We’re independently-organized by high schoolers sponsored via a nonprofit called Hack Club. We'll have many mentors to help you with any questions and you can always ask anyone in the Discord, just ping the @mentor or @helper role!


  • General Winner - AirPods General winner! You'll each win a pair of airpods (up to 4 team members).

  • Pinnacle Qualification - Best Hack Each winning team member will receive tickets to Pinnacle, which invites the world’s top 50 collegiate hackathons and top 5 high school hackathons for an epic finale event in fall 2021. More information can be found here:

  • Most Innovative Hack - Tesla Factory Tour Get a tesla factory tour once the quarantine limitations are over! We'll reimburse a small portion of the flight if needed. There may be some regulations involved.

  • Second/Third Prize (2) You each win an Amazon Echo Dot, 4th generation! Given to 2 teams though possibly more!

  • Weirdest and Craziest Hack Each team member gets a year's worth of ramen! Yes, really. If you'd like, we can try exchanging it for something you might prefer more.

  • Best Education Hack (2) Each team member gets a Sphero, those super cool moving balls that you can program. (And are pretty cute!)

  • Workshop Winner - Speakers (2) Win a JBL Flip if you win within your workshop and not qualify for another prize! Your workshop mentor will nominate you! This is given to 2+ winning teams, depending on circumstances.

  • Most Daring and Niche Project Win your age in pounds of slime! (i.e., if you're 16, you'll win 16 pounds of slime -- we can converse afterwards on specs). This is for the craziest and most useless/useful (!?) hack :)

  • Most Disruptive Project Super secret minions prize ;)

  • Attending You'll win an Inside Dev subscription, swag packs, t-shirts, Balsamiq subscriptions, free Advin Servers web hosting, CynderHost premium, perks, pitch chances, and more! Additionally, we'll have pizza, girl scout cookies, and amazon gift cards given to teams who win mini-activities (like Minecraft or Wikipedia races) during the hackathon!


Repl.itHack Club BankDavid and Daniil LibermansGoGuardianInspiritAI

Additional support from

Sticker MuleDeepAIGithubInside Dev4SpaceRolling RobotsPinnacleNational Space SocietyBalsamiqMemorize.AICynderHostAdvin ServersVercelAnomaly ScienceIllumination EntertainmentTeslaRobots in Space


Judges will look over your project and evaluate it based on certain factors, such as impact, design, and utility. Interested in being a judge or mentor? Email us!

  • David Liberman

    David Liberman Co-founder of, lead. he/him

  • Daniil Liberman

    Daniil Liberman Co-founder of, lead. he/him

  • Peter Griggs

    Peter Griggs Co-Founder of DeepAI. he/him

  • Tom Preston-Werner

    Tom Preston-Werner Creator of Github and Gravatar. he/him

  • Bing Jiang

    Bing Jiang Co-Founder of Rolling Robots. she/her

  • Chantelle Baier

    Chantelle Baier Founder of 4Space and NSS. she/her

  • Peter Dignard

    Peter Dignard Senior Associate Director of Admission at Phillips Academy Andover. he/him

  • Zach Latta

    Zach Latta Founder of Hack Club. he/him

  • Chris Walker

    Chris Walker Founder of Polytrope. he/him


AngelHacks is primarily run by students, like you!

  • Claire

    Claire Wang Executive Director, founder. she/her

  • Kai

    Kai Executive Director, co-founder. he/him

  • Damian

    Damian Executive Director, co-founder. he/him

Other Team Members

  • Neel

    Neel Redkar Technology. he/him

  • Jacob

    Jacob Haap Logistics. he/him

  • Sarthak

    Sarthak Mohanty Technology. he/him

  • Ryan

    Ryan Catullo Outreach. he/him


These are our amazing mentors and helpers who are vital to our operations!

  • Bruce Pittman

    Bruce Pittman NASA, Senior VP of National Space Society. he/him

  • Scott Mueller

    Scott Mueller UCLA Causality and AI/ML Researcher. he/him

  • Melody Starling

    Melody Starling they/them

  • Nikita Starichenko

    Nikita Starichenko

  • Sarah Pan

    Sarah Pan she/her

  • Rakshaa Viswanathan

    Rakshaa Viswanathan Web Developer, IoT and ML Enthusiast. she/her

  • Brad Ableson

    Brad Ableson Co-director of Minions: The Rise of Gru. he/him

  • Vince Ambrosia

    Vince Ambrosio NASA HQ- Associate Program Manager of Wildfire. he/him

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  • Gordon Roesler

    Gordon Roesler President of Robots in Space. he/him

  • Lynn Harper

    Lynn Harper Lead of Integrative Studies at NASA. she/her

  • Lisa Vestal

    Lisa Vestal Space Portal Office @ NASA. she/her

  • Dan Rasky

    Dan Rasky Chief of Space Portal Office @ NASA. he/him

  • Shlok Mehrotra

    Shlok Mehrotra Deep Learning & Python Enthusiast he/him

  • Antariksha Verma

    Antariksha Verma he/him

  • Vincent Quirion

    Vincent Quirion he/him

  • Brad Roesler

    Brad Roesler President of Robots in Space. he/him

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